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Ben is the Facility Manager of the Centre for Rapid Online Analysis of Reactions (ROAR). He uses his 12 years of experience in reaction automation and reaction analysis to support the facility users throughout their adventures in data-rich chemical synthesis experimentation.

He was previously a Research Associate (2015-2017) working with Prof. King Kuok (Mimi) Hii and Prof. Klaus Hellgardt on the application of electrochemically generated oxidants in organic synthesis.  Benjamin received an MSc from the University of Waikato (New Zealand) before moving to the University of Cambridge (UK) as a Commonwealth Scholar in 2009.  After completing his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Steven Ley in 2013, he moved to University College Cork (Ireland) to work with Prof. Anita Maguire as a Postdoctoral Research Associate of the Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre (SSPC).

Ben has previously served (2016-2017) as one of the Department of Chemistry representatives on the Postdoc Development Centre's Reps Network.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Deadman BJ, Hellgardt K, Hii KM, 2017, A colorimetric method for rapid and selective quantification ofperoxodisulfate, peroxomonosulfate and hydrogen peroxide, Reaction Chemistry and Engineering, Vol:2, ISSN:2058-9883, Pages:462-466

Deadman BJ, O'Mahony RM, Lynch D, et al., 2016, Taming tosyl azide: the development of a scalable continuous diazo transfer process, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, Vol:14, ISSN:1477-0539, Pages:3423-3431

Deadman BJ, Collins SG, Maguire AR, 2015, Taming Hazardous Chemistry in Flow: The Continuous Processing of Diazo and Diazonium Compounds, Chemistry - A European Journal, Vol:21, ISSN:0947-6539, Pages:2298-2308

Deadman BJ, Battilocchio C, Sliwinski E, et al., 2013, A prototype device for evaporation in batch and flow chemical processes, Green Chemistry, Vol:15, ISSN:1463-9262, Pages:2050-2055

More Publications