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  • Fundamental Steps towards a Generic System for Structural Design, EPSRC, £8,650.
  • Integrated Nonlinear Analysis of Steel Frames under Fire and Explosion Loading, EPSRC (PI), £104,968.
  • Design Optimisation of Component-Based Structures, EU, £48,945.
  • Behaviour of Steel-Framed Structures under Fire Conditions, DoE/PIT (CoI), £22,500.
  • Realistic Modelling of Floor Slab Systems Subject to Extreme Loading Conditions, EPSRC (PI), £126,514.
  • Behaviour and Design of Floor Slabs Subject to Fire, BRE (PI), £36,000.
  • Progressive Collapse of Tall Buildings, EPSRC & ARUP (PI), £61,200.
  • Bionic Structural Modelling of Dragonfly's Wing by Finite Element Method, China-NSF (CoI), £15,000.
  • Failure Assessment of Floor Slab Systems under Extreme Loading Conditions, EPSRC (CoI), £240,291.
  • Using Blinding as Struts in Cut and Cover Excavations, EPSRC (CoI), £238,833.
  • Design Architecture for Cellular Beams, DTI & SCI, £198,047.
  • Structural Assessment and Retrofitting of Ancient Masonry Buildings, EU, 169,539.
  • Robustness of Car Parks against Localised Fire, EU-RFCS (PI), 150,000 (Total 750,000).
  • Keeping Our Structures Standing and Our People Alive – The Next 25 Years, USA-DHS (PI), $150,000, (Total $750,000)
  • GGS -ˆ’ Modelling Forces and Stresses in Gigantic Granular Systems for Coastal Engineers, EPSRC (CoI), £458,024.

Computational Structural Mechanics

  • Nonlinear finite element analysis
  • Adaptive nonlinear analysis: error estimation, practical and accuracy-driven adaptivity
  • Geometric nonlinearity: buckling, large displacements
  • Material nonlinearity: steel, concrete, tensile fabric
  • Structural forms: frames, offshore jackets/jackups, whole buildings, R/C and composite floor slabs, shells, cable nets and membranes
  • Loading: static, dynamic (blast, impact, earthquake), fire
  • Special topics: dynamic contact analysis, nonlinear solution procedures 
  • Simplified modelling: SDOF blast models, simplified buckling analysis, blast/fire resistance of beams and columns

Structures Subject to Extreme Loading

  • Fire resistance of steel-concrete composite buildings
  • Structures subject to coupled blast/fire scenarios
  • Robustness and progressive collapse of tall buildings
  • Response of offshore structures to extreme static/dynamic loading

Interdisciplinary Research

  • Soil-structure interaction
  • Use of blinding struts for cut and cover excavation
  • Risk assessment of structures under extreme loading

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 Inaugural Lecture - Simple Concepts for Complex Structures


Research Staff



Research Student Supervision

Abela,J, Blinding Struts in Cut-and-Cover Excavations

Abidin,ARZ, Advanced Modelling of Steel/Composite Cellular Beams

Afshar,N, Modelling of Tension Stiffening in Reinforced Concrete Slabs

Brás Xavier,F, Assessment of Progressive Collapse in Reinforced Concrete Buildings with Infill Panels

Cashell,K, Ultimate Behaviour of Floor Slabs under Extreme Loading Conditions

Castro,M, Seismic Behaviour of Composite Moment-Resisting Frames

Chew,A, Accuracy Driven Adaptive Nonlinear Analysis of Planar Framed Structures

Fang,C, Robustness of Car Parks under Localised Fire

Guo,L, Development of a three-dimensional fracture model for the combined finite-discrete element method

Jahromi,H, Partitioned Analysis of Nonlinear Soil-Structure Interaction

Jokhio,G, Adaptive Multi-Scale Modelling of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Jowhari Moghadam,S, Advanced Elasto-plastic Buckling Analysis of Plated Structures

Khalid,H, Objective Modelling of Softening and Bond-Slip in Reinforced Concrete Structures

Khan,A, Behaviour of Rigid Plastic Structures Under Extreme Dynamic Loading

Ndumbaro,P, Cable Roofs Supported by Reinforced Concrete Structures Disposed to Creep

Ndumu,DT, Plan-Based Theory for Design Standards Processing

Omer,E, Failure of Composite Steel-Concrete Slabs under Elevated Temperatures

Pargana,J, Realistic Modelling of Tension Fabric Structures

Pereira,M, Mitigation of Progressive Collapse in Multi-Storey Buildings

Siyam,AAFM, Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Frames and Shear Walls

Song,L, Integrated Analysis of Steel Buildings under Fire and Explosion

Stylianidis,P, Connection modelling in progressive collapse assessment of multi-storey composite buildings

Sulong,NHR, Behaviour of Steel Connections under Fire Conditions

Vlassis,A, Progressive Collapse Assessment of Tall Buildings

Zhang,Y, Advanced Modelling Approaches for Masonry Bridges

Zolghadr Jahromi,H, Dynamic Analysis of Structures under Impact Loading