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Dr Bhopal Pandeya

Faculty of Natural SciencesCentre for Environmental Policy

Visiting Researcher



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Prior to joining the Centre for Environmental Policy in 2017, Dr Pandeya was an ESPA Research Fellow at Grantham Institute within Imperial College London. Being an environmental scientist, he conducts challenge-led research projects on water & ecosystem services, risk resilience and sustainable development. He also works on science-policy interface to promote evidence-based decision making. Currently, he is leading a project on citizen science and low-cost technologies for integrated water resources management. During the past three years, he also led studies on water and sanitation for sustainable development; building a community flood risk resilience; and an evaluation of ecosystem services valuation tools. He has research collaboration with Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and Grantham Institute (both within Imperial College) and various universities and research institutions in the UK and beyond. His research projects are funded by the UK Research Councils, DFID, GCRF and various public and private sources. 

He graduated with an MPhil degree in Environment, Society and Development from Cambridge University and completed his PhD in understanding the hydrological ecosystem services produced by the Indo-Gangetic Basins and selected mountain catchments in the Himalayas at King’s College London.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Pandeya B, Uprety M, Paul JD, et al., 2021, Mitigating flood risk using low-cost sensors and citizen science: A proof-of-concept study from western Nepal, Journal of Flood Risk Management, Vol:14, ISSN:1753-318X, Pages:1-13

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