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Research Postgraduate







3.56HRoyal School of MinesSouth Kensington Campus





Ben Simon is a Research Postgraduate working between the departments of Earth Science and Engineering (ESE) and Chemistry.

His undergraduate degree was achieved at Oxford University with his Masters year under the supervision of Professor Dermot O'Hare in the Inorganic Chemistry department.

His current research is split in two: in ESE he examines the effectiveness of different carbon electrodes utilised in Redox Flow Batteries. This is done using a series of analytical techniques such as impedance spectroscopy and polarisation on symmetrical flow cells, and ex-situ imaging of carbon electrodes using X-Ray Computed Tomography. While in the Chemistry department (where he spends most of his time) he focuses mainly on the development of bifunctional electrocatalysts for oxygen reactions. Analysis of these catalysts is carried out using various types voltammetry on rotating disk electrodes as well as many physical characterisation techniques such as XPS, TGA, ICP-MS and EXAFS.

Ben is looking to combine these two lines of research in the assembly and development of a hybrid Redox Flow Battery.



Lombardo AG, Simon BA, Taiwo O, et al., 2019, A pore network model of porous electrodes in electrochemical devices, Journal of Energy Storage, Vol:24, ISSN:2352-152X

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