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Bogdan UNGUREANU is an associate researcher, PhD. Eng. in Civil Engineering, currently a Marie-Curie fellow within the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College London. He is a trained civil engineer in Structural Mechanics specialised in risk assessment in urban infrastructures working on Seismic Metamaterials. He has performed some part of his PhD thesis in the CNRS physics laboratory Institut Fresnel in France making his area of interest going from Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics to Civil Engineering and Risk Management. Dr. Ungureanu has also strong expertise in Comsol Multiphysics, and especially in complex design of structured plates with highly subwavelength effects. He has acquired good expertise in analysis of complex band diagrams for control of elastic wave propagation (through effective anisotropy, negative group velocity and other anomalous dispersion effects) such as for, absorption, shielding lensing and cloaking.

Dr. Ungureanu has considerable expertise in the design and characterisation of novel metamaterials, taking advantage of Imperial College academic knowledge of these in neighbouring areas (solid-state physics, theoretical mechanics, structural dynamics), to develop new industrial applications (e.g. mechanical vibration reduction and seismology).

The specific training and knowledge that he acquired are: Transformation elastodynamics, Homogenisation, Structural dynamics, Floquet Bloch theory, finite element analysis that he is implementing in the design of Elastic Topological Crystals.



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