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Professor Berend Van Wachem

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Berend van Wachem obtained his MSc and PhD degree at Delft University of Technology on the modeling of dense gas-solid flows. After spending a number of years as a lecturer in Sweden, he joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Imperial College London in 2008.


Berend van Wachem  works on research projects involving multiphase flow modeling, ranging from understanding the behaviour of turbulence on individual particles and droplets, to the large-scale modelling of gas-solid and gas-liquid flows. He is one of the editors of the "Best Practice Guidelines for Computational Fluid Dynamics of Dispersed Multiphase Flows", has contributed to the "Multiphase Flow Handbook", and has published a number of review papers on multiphase flow modeling and understanding.

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Cerqueira RFL, Paladino EE, Evrard F, et al., 2021, Multiscale modeling and validation of the flow around Taylor bubbles surrounded with small dispersed bubbles using a coupled VOF-DBM approach, International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Vol:141, ISSN:0301-9322

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van Wachem B, Thalberg K, Duy N, et al., 2020, Analysis, modelling and simulation of the fragmentation of agglomerates, Chemical Engineering Science, Vol:227, ISSN:0009-2509

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