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Professor Zegarlinski is a Pure Mathematics Professor at Imperial College London. His research interests are as follows:

Functional Analysis, Probability Theory and Stochastic Analysis, Mathematical Physics ; Analysis on Infinite Dimensional Spaces, including Non-Commutative * - Algebras and Spaces ; Coercive Inequalities and Isoperimetry : Logarithmic Sobolev, Generalized Nash and Logarithmic Nash,...
Isoperimetric Inequalities; Applications to Markov (Linear and Non-linear) semigroups; [Statistical Mechanics: Large Interacting Systems, Gibbs Measures and Stochastic Dynamics;]

Professor Boguslaw Zegarlinski's personal web page can be found at

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Zegarli´nski B, 2017, Crystallographic Groups for Hormander Fields, Science Journal of Volgograd State University. Mathematics. Physics, Vol:20, ISSN:2222-8896, Pages:43-64

Kontis V, Ottobre M, Zegarlinski B, 2017, Long- and short-time behaviour of hypocoercive-type operators in infinite dimensions: an analytic approach, Infinite Dimensional Analysis Quantum Probability and Related Topics, Vol:30, ISSN:0219-0257

Pierre Fougers, Ivan Gentil, Zegarlinski B, 2017, Solution of a class of reaction-diffusion systems via logarithmic Sobolev inequality, Annales Mathématiques Blaise Pascal, Vol:24, Pages:1-53

V. Kontis, M.Ottobre, Zegarlinski B, 2016, Markov semigroups with hypocoercive-type generator in infinite dimensions: Ergodicity and smoothing, Journal of Functional Analysis, Vol:270, ISSN:0022-1236, Pages:3173-3223

Inglis J, Neklyudov M, Zegarlinski B, 2012, ERGODICITY FOR INFINITE PARTICLE SYSTEMS WITH LOCALLY CONSERVED QUANTITIES, Infinite Dimensional Analysis Quantum Probability and Related Topics, Vol:15, ISSN:0219-0257

Pierre Foug`eres, Cyril Roberto, Boguslaw Zegarlin ́ski, 2012, Sub-gaussian measures and associated semilinear problems, Revista Matematica Iberoamericana, Vol:28, ISSN:0213-2230, Pages:305-350

Inglis J, Kontis V, Zegarlinski B, 2011, From U-bounds to isoperimetry with applications to H-type groups, Journal of Functional Analysis (2011), Vol:260, Pages:76-116

Zegarlinski B, 2011, Analysis on Extended Heisenberg Group, Annales De La Faculté Des Sciences De Toulouse Sér. 6, Vol:20, Pages:379-405

Dragoni F, Kontis V, Zegarlinski B, 2011, Ergodicity of Markov Semigroups with Hörmander Type Generators in Infinite Dimensions, Potential Analysis: an International Journal Devoted to the Interactions Between Potential Theory, P

Xu L, Zegarlinski B, 2010, Existence and Exponential mixing of infinite white alpha-stable Systems with unbounded interactions, Electronic Journal of Probability, Vol:15, ISSN:1083-6489, Pages:1994-2018

Gentil I, Zegarlinski B, 2010, ASYMPTOTIC BEHAVIOUR OF REVERSIBLE CHEMICAL REACTION-DIFFUSION EQUATIONS, Kinetic and Related Models, Vol:3, ISSN:1937-5093, Pages:427-444

Hebisch W, Zegarlinski B, 2010, Coercive inequalities on metric measure spaces, Journal of Functional Analysis 258 (2010) 814–851

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