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Bhavik graduated in 2002 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences from the University of Brighton. Bhavik then completed his PhD in 2005 on ''Changes in neurotransmitter release during ageing in a model invertebrate system'' at Imperial College London, superised by Dr Danny O''HareProf Kim Parker and Dr Mark Yeoman.

In 2009 Bhavik completed an EPSRC LSI Overseas Research Fellowship also at Imperial College London, where he focused on the ‘Chemical characterisation of Synaptogenesis’. Following this he conducted reserach in the labs of Prof Keith Sharkey at the University of Calgary on understanding the role of NO signalling in the gastrointestinal tract.

Bhavik is current appointed as Lecturer of Physical and Analytical Chemistry at the University of Brighton, whilst also acting as a visiting researcher at Imperial College London. Please contact me on for reserach opportunties.

Bhavik''s recent research interest are focused on monitoring neurochemicals of the enteric nevous system as a means to understand gastrointestinal function and activity. Bhavik is also looking to the developement of novel sensing devices and methods to study uptake function from synaptosomes, which is in collaboration with Prof. Anne Andrews (Penn State University). For a more detailed summary of current reserach activities please see the Research Section.

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