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I am an Imperial College Research Fellow based at the Non-Destructive Evaluation Group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. My research is mainly on material characterisation: I develop tools (both theoretical and experimental) using ultrasound to extract critical information on the microstructures in polycrystalline materials. These microstrucutres include the crystallographic orientation distribution (texture), grain size and morphology, and other heterogeneities; they are absolutely vital to ensure the safety of critial engineering metal components, but cannot be routinely evaluated within the volume by existing techniques - such limitations have been unfortunately exposed by the repeated incidents of aeroengines and powerplants etc.

My collaborators and I have developed and validated a methodology to determine crystallographic texture from ultrasonic waves, which opens up the opportunities for further scientific investigations on the other microstructures, as well as for industrial exploits. My ongoing research projects include automation of the texture measurement setup, characterisation of grain size/morphology, and evaluation of arbitrary geometries using diffuse ultrasound.


1 PhD Studentship available, which covers fees at the home/EU rate, a stipend of £16877 per annum and the full technical and professional training programmes.




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