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Brendan Bos is a Research Postgraduate in Air Pollution Exposure in the Environmental Research Group. His research focuses on prenatal health effects of air pollution on placental function and brain development using neonatal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Brendan has experience collecting air quality and personal exposure data using portable monitors and linking modelled air pollution exposure to health outcomes. He has also undertaken several literature reviews, including with external contractors.



Bos B, Barratt B, Batalle D, et al., 2023, Prenatal exposure to air pollution is associated with structural changes in the neonatal brain., Environ Int, Vol:174

Lim S, Bassey E, Bos B, et al., 2022, Comparing human exposure to fine particulate matter in low and high-income countries: A systematic review of studies measuring personal PM2.5 exposure, Science of the Total Environment, Vol:833, ISSN:0048-9697

Roca-Barcelo A, Gaines AM, Sheehan A, et al., 2021, Making academia environmentally sustainable: a student perspective, The Lancet Planetary Health, Vol:5, ISSN:2542-5196, Pages:E576-E577

Bos B, Lim S, Hedges M, et al., 2021, Taxi drivers' exposure to black carbon and nitrogen dioxide in electric and diesel vehicles: A case study in London, Environmental Research, Vol:195, ISSN:0013-9351

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