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Claire Bayntun is a medical doctor who currently works between Imperial College and London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine ECOHOST WHO Collaborating Centre as a Post-Graduate Research Fellow specialising in the assessment of Health Systems. Claire is an Academic Clinical Fellow in Public Health at Imperial College and the Lead for the Global Health Module for the MPH.


Claire has co-ordinated NGO activity in West Africa, acted as a Management Consultant for the Third Sector and has been trained by Medecins Sans Frontiere. She has a MSc from SOAS specialising in the Political Economy of Development, Conflict and Human Rights. As part of her medical experience, Claire has worked in the Major Trauma Unit of Johannesburg General Hospital, and has written for the Diploma in the Medical Care of Catastrophes. She served as President of the Catastrophes and Conflict Forum of The Royal Society of Medicine. Claire has a strong commitment to building resilient health systemsto allow improved medical management of populations in the face of environmental and civil disasters.



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