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Dr Chiara Candelise is an experienced energy economist and policy specialist. Her research interests:

  • Energy economics and policy
  • Techno-economic analysis of energy technologies, in particular solar
  • Distributed generation and grid integration
  • Energy access and rural electrification
  • Sustainable energy system transitions
  • Community energy and crowdfunding

Interested in cross disciplinary research in the field and with a forward looking interest into sustainability transitions and large scale changes in socio-economic and technical systems.

Leading UK expert on techno-economic, market and policy analysis of solar technologies, contributed to several research project in the field. Currently working on research projects on: economic and technical conditions for successful integration of PV deployment within the UK electricity system and energy access and rural electrification.

Also working on emerging business and financing models for the deployment of renewables and energy efficiency, with a focus on community energy and shared ownership approaches. Leading expert on crowdfunding as innovative and potentially disruptive alternative finance tool and its application to the energy sector.

In her background work experience as economist at both private and public institutions, including the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).



  • PhD Energy, Imperial College London, UK
  • MSc Economics, University College London, UK
  • BSc Economics, Bocconi University, Italy (4 year MSc equivalent degree)


  • 2014-to date: Research Fellow, GREEN (Centre for research in Geography, Resources, Environment, Energy and Networks), Bocconi University
  • 2018 - 2019: Research Fellow, OEET (Turin Centre of Emerging Economies), Turin University
  • 2014: Founder and CEO, Ecomill, equity crowdfunding platform with a focus on energy
  • 2013-to date: Research Fellow, Imperial Centre for Energy Policy and Technology. Imperial College London
  • 2011 - 2012: Research Associate, Imperial Centre for Energy Policy and Technology. Imperial College London
  • 2009 - 2011: Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh. PV Supergen Consortium – PV Materials for the 21st century
  • 2003 – 2005: Defra (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs), London, UK.  Environment Policy and Economics division: Air quality, Chemicals and Pesticides Branch and Climate Change Branch,
  • 2000 -2001: Caboto Holding SIM, Asset management firm, Research Department, Milan, Italy
  • 2001: Erculea Resine S.p.a., Medium size firm producing plastic pipes, Cosenza, Italy
  • 2000: UNDP (United Nationl Development Program), Karakol, Kyrghystan

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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Candelise C, 2016, The application of crowdfunding to the energy sector, Crowdfunding for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Business Science Reference, Pages:266-287, ISBN:9781522505686

Candelise C, 2015, Solar Energy, an untapped growing potential, Global Energy: issues, potentials and policy implications, Editor(s): Ekins, Bradshaw, Watson, Oxford University Press

More Publications