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Carbon Neutral Construction Products Using Novel Cements

Funding: TSB Technology Programme
Total value of project: £ 1.5M (Lead partner is Novacem)
Co-investigator at Imperial: Dr Nikolaos Vlasopoulos
The project supports two Post Doctoral Researchers
Industrial collaborators: Rio Tinto Minerals, Laing O'Rourke and WSP Group


Sustainable Innovative Lightweight Expanded Clay-Glass ('SILEC-G')

Funding: TSB Technology Programme
Total value of project: £ 985K (Lead partner Claylite Aggregates)
Co-investigator Professor Boccaccini, Materials Department, Imperial College London
This project supports one Post Doctoral researcher (Dr Costas Velis)
Industrial Collaborators: Claylite Aggregates, Castle Aggregates 



Integrated Solution For Air Pollution Control (APC) Residues Using DC Plasma Technology

Funding: DTI Technology Programme
Total value of project: £ 2.37 M (Lead partner is Tetronics Ltd)
Co-investigators at Imperial: Professor Boccaccini, Materials Department
Industrial collaborators: Tetronics Limited, Enviros Consulting Limited, Veolia ES Selchp Limited, Grundon Waste Management Limited, Pfizer Limited, Hampshire County Council, Ballast Phoenix Limited and Akristos Limited


Process Envelopes For Cement-Based Stabilisation/Solidification (ProCeSS)

Funding: DTI Technogy Programme
Total value of project: £ 867,740 (Lead partner is UCL)
Industrial collaborators: British Cement Association, Quarry Products Association Ltd,
Civil & Marine (Holdings) Ltd, Corus UK Ltd, Elkem Materials Ltd, Surface Engineering Association, United Kingdom Quality Ash Association, Scott Wilson, Construction Industry Research and Information Association, The Concrete Centre, Veolia Environmental Services plc, May Gurney Ltd., SITA UK Limited, White Young Green Environmental Ltd, WRc plc
Academic collaborators: University Colege London, Birkbeck College, Surrey University and Cambridge University


Development Of Carbon Negative Construction Products Using Novel MgO Based Binders

Funding: EPSRC Follow-on-Fund
Total value of project: £ 120k
This project supports Dr Nikolaos Vlasopoulos
Industrial collaborator: Novacem


New Technologies To Allow Beneficial Reuse Of Silt From Construction And Demolition Waste Recycling Washing Plant

Funding: DEFRA Waste and Resources R&D Programme
Total value of project: £ 201,742
Co-investigators at Imperial: Dr M Tyrer, Materials Department, Dr Bill Dudeney (Earth Science and Engineering), Dr Nick Voulvoulis (Centre for Energy Policy and Technology), Dr Neil Tsang (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Industrial collaborators: Winkworth Machinery Ltd, Powerscreen Ltd (now Duo (Europe) plc)
Completed March 2008


Production Of Lightweight Aggregates From Problematic Waste Ashes Using The Lytag Process

Funding: EPSRC Industrial Case Award with Lytag, now CEMEX Lytag
Co-investigator: Dr Aldo Boccaccini (Materials Department)
Completed March 2007


Development of Novel Glass-Ceramics from Problematic UK Wastes using Borates and Borate Containing Wastes

Funding: EPSRC Industrial Case Award with Borax Europe, now Rio Tinto Minerals
Co-investigator: Dr Aldo Boccaccini (Materials Department)


Development Low Embodied Energy Construction Products from Sewage Sludge Ash

Funding: EPSRC Industrial Case Award with Akristos Ltd.


Sustainable construction projects containing sewage sludge and ash 

Development of Hazardous Waste Treatment Technologies for Alexandria, Egypt 

Funding: Egyptian Government
Co-investigator: Dr Geoff Fowler
Winner of the Imperial Innovations Student Innovations Competition 2008
Prize winner in GSEPS Research Symposium Poster Competition 2008


Reuse of Oil Drill Cuttings in the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria

Funding: Petroleum Technology Development Fund, Nigeria


Sustainable use of Waste Solid Products from Bioleaching Processes

Funding: EU Sixth Framework project (BioMinE)
Co-investigator: Dr Bill Dudeney (Earth Science and Engineering)
This project supports one co-supervised PhD student (Steve Bouzalakos)
Project collaborators include 13 universities and 17 industrial organisations
Completed June 2008

Production of Water Adsorbent Granules from Wastes

Funding: Bob Martin Ltd/IC Innovations/ICON
Total value of project to date: £ 75K


Nuclear Waste Encapsulation

Funding: EPSRC through the DIAMOND project
This is supporting two PhD projects, (geopolymers and alternative cement systems containing MgO). The DIAMOND Project involves collaboration between Imperial and Leeds, Sheffield, Loughborough, UCL and Manchester Universities. Collaboration at Imperial involves the Materials Department (Vandeperre and Boccaccini)


Novel Cementing Materials Manufactured from Waste Incineration Ashes

Funding: Royal Society/BP International Incoming Fellowship
Dr X.C.Qiao
Academic collaborators: Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Completed June 2006


Waste Management in Developing Countries

Co-investigator: Visiting Professor David Wilson
Ongoing research through a series of MSc projects

Current Research Students

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Bourtsalas, Athanasios
Manufacture of lightweight aggregate from the 0-4 mm fraction of incinerator bottom ash
Supervised by: Professor C. R. Cheeseman, Professor S. M. Grimes

Schaeffer, Nicolas
Resource extraction from waste fluorescent tubes
Supervised by: Professor C. R. Cheeseman, Professor S. M. Grimes

Spathi, Charikleia
Reuse of paper sludge ash
Supervised by: Professor C. Cheeseman

Zhou, Ding
Supplementary Cementitious Materials derived from industrial solid wastes or mineral wastes
Supervised by:Professor C. R. Cheeseman

Research Student Supervision

Bourtsalas,A, Valorisation of Energy from Waste bottom ash

Kuenzel,C, Novel metakaolin derived geopolymer binders for radioactive waste

Mitchell,J, Recycling of difficult paper waste in polymer composites

Spathi,C, Light weight fillers from paper sludge ash

Zhang,T, Development of novel low pH cement systems