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Dr. Christian Clear

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New Atomic Data for Singly Ionised Nickel (Ni II)

Nickel has the second highest cosmic abundance of the iron group elements. Its complex structure produces a densely distributed spectrum extending from the infrared to the vacuum ultraviolet and spectral lines of singly-ionised nickel (Ni II) are found in a wide variety of astrophysical spectra.

My current research aims to produce an order-of-magnitude increase in the accuracy of Ni II atomic data. High-resolution Fourier transform and grating spectroscopy have been used across a wide spectral range (IR to VUV) to collect spectra from Ni-He hollow cathode light sources and extensive term analyses carried out to improve transition wavelengths, energy levels and transition probabilities. 

Conference Contributions

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  • IAUGA 2022 (Busan, South Korea). Atomic Data from the UV to the IR (Invited Keynote)
  • ASOS-13 (Shanghai, China). New Atomic Data of Ni II for Astrophysical Applications (Poster)
  • ICAMDATA 2018 (Cambridge, MA, USA). New Atomic data for Astrophysics: Wavelengths and Energy Levels (Contributed Talk)
  • EWASS 2018 (Liverpool, UK). New Atomic Data of Ni II for Astrophysical Applications (Contributed Talk)
  • NAM 2017 (Hull, UK). New Atomic Data of Singly-ionised Nickel (Ni II) (Poster)
  • ASOS-12 (São Paulo, Brazil). New Accurate Atomic Data for Astrophysics Applications by High Resolution Fourier Transform and Grating Spectroscopy (Poster)