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Dr Caroline Clewley (née Van Breukelen) is the I-Explore STEMM modules lead at Imperial College London and project lead of ImpVis – a staff-student project creating interactive visualisations for STEM courses.

Caroline’s research background is in Astrophysics with a focus on Observational Cosmology: in 2007 she obtained a PhD at the University of Oxford, researching the most distant galaxy clusters. Afterwards, she spent two years at UCL as an STFC (Science and Technologies Facilities Council) Postdoctoral Research Fellow before taking up a position at the Imperial College Physics Department as a teaching fellow. During her time there she focussed on education innovation through implementing active learning and digital technologies in a wide range of different settings. She also gained an MEd in University Learning and Teaching, looking into how students grapple with troublesome knowledge in Special Relativity. This ultimately culminated in the founding of ImpVis in 2017, creating interactive visualisations in staff-student partnerships to aid students’ understanding of abstract concepts. Since then, over a hundred students have engaged with ImpVis to create visualisations that are now used in a wide range of degree courses.

In 2019 she took up her current position in Imperial College’s Education Office to lead the design and development of a suite of innovative cross-disciplinary STEMM modules for the College’s new I-Explore programme: a diverse range of for-degree-credit modules designed to provide the opportunity for all undergraduate students to broaden their perspective and give new context to their disciplinary knowledge. 

Caroline's area of expertise is interdisciplinary education and the implementation of innovative learning and teaching techniques, with a focus on developing digital, visual learning tools. Her current educational research activity centres on staff-student partnerships as well as the development of students’ self-efficacy and academic identity in an interdisciplinary context.



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Thesis Dissertations

Clewley C, 2016, Troublesome Knowledge in Relativity

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