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I am currently receiving funding from EPSRC (2012-2014) and BBSRC (2011-2014).

My research is interdisciplinary and spans epidemiology, microbiology and applied mathematics. There are two central themes: mathematical models in epidemiology and evolution, and computational approaches to model bacterial metabolism. The interdiscplinary nature of this work, the volume and complexity of the data, and the link to both human and pathogen population dynamics all pose significant challenges. At the same time, next-generation sequence and transcriptome data bring a tremendous research opportunity in developing the theoretical tools to understand how pathogens adapt to their environments - including both the metabolic systems enabling them to live in complex in-host environments, and also the strategies they adopt in the face of selective pressure at the host population level (for example, through antibiotic treatment and vaccination). New theoretical and computational tools will help to make the most of these data, and will have fruitful applications in fields ranging from metabolic engineering to public health.


Fraser, Christophe, Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Imperial College London