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Methods for Data Science - MATH97019


This course is in two halves: machine learning and complex networks. We will begin with an introduction to the R language and to visualisation and exploratory data analysis. We will describe the mathematical challenges and ideas in learning from data. We will introduce unsupervised and supervised learning through theory and through application of commonly used methods (such as principle components analysis, k-nearest neighbours, support vector machines and others). Moving to complex networks, we will introduce key concepts of graph theory and discuss model graphs used to describe social and biological phenomena (including Erdos-Renyi graphs, small-world and scale-free networks). We will define basic metrics to characterise data-derived networks, and illustrate how networks can be a useful way to interpret data. This level 7 (Masters) version of the module will have additional extension material for self-study incorporated into the projects. This will require a deeper understanding of the subject than the corresponding level 6 (Bachelors) module.