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Contaldi CR, 2000, Cosmic strings in the age of Boomerang

We show how two simple modifications to the standard cosmic string scenariofor structure formation compare to the recently released Boomerang data set.Namely we consider pure string closed models and mixed models where bothinflation and strings are responsible for the perturbations. In the closedmodels we find that pure string models would require a universe with roughly$\Omega_M=0.8$, $\Omega_{\Lambda}=1.6$ to agree with the peak position revealedby the data and in agreement with the SNIa data. In the hybrid scenario withlocal strings we find that we require even more tilt and baryon content($n_s\sim 0.8$, $\Omega_b=0.08$, $H_0=70$) to match the data than with pureinflation models. The case with global strings fares better with a standardperiod of $\Lambda$CDM inflation and a $\sim30%$ contribution from stringsbeing in good agreement with the data.

Journal article

Contaldi CR, Ferreira PG, Magueijo J, Gorski KMet al., 2000, A Bayesian estimate of the skewness of the cosmic microwave background, ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, Vol: 534, Pages: 25-28, ISSN: 0004-637X

Journal article

Contaldi CR, Hindmarsh M, Magueijo J, 2000, CMB and LSS power spectra from local cosmic string seeded structure formation, Workshop on Cosmic Microwave Background and the Planck Mission, Publisher: GORDON BREACH SCI PUBL LTD, Pages: 415-420, ISSN: 0888-6512

Conference paper

Contaldi CR, Bean R, Magueijo J, 1999, Photographing the wave function of the Universe, PHYSICS LETTERS B, Vol: 468, Pages: 189-194, ISSN: 0370-2693

Journal article

Contaldi C, Hindmarsh H, Magueijo J, 1999, Cosmic microwave background and density fluctuations from strings plus inflation, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, Vol: 82, Pages: 2034-2037, ISSN: 0031-9007

Journal article

Contaldi C, Hindmarsh M, Magueijo J, 1999, Power spectra of the cosmic microwave background and density fluctuations seeded by local cosmic strings, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, Vol: 82, Pages: 679-682, ISSN: 0031-9007

Journal article

Magueijo J, Contaldi C, Hindmarsh M, 1999, Structure formation with strings plus inflation: a new paradigm, EC-TMR Conference on 3K Cosmology, Publisher: AMER INST PHYSICS, Pages: 38-42, ISSN: 0094-243X

Conference paper

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