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Professor of Theoretical Physics



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AB - Correlations of polarization components in the coordinate frame are a natural basis for searches of parity-violating modes in the cosmic microwave background. This fact can be exploited to build estimators of parity-violating modes that are local and robust with respect to partial-sky coverage or inhomogeneous weighting. As an example application of a method based on these ideas, we develop a peak stacking tool that isolates the signature of parity-violating modes. We apply the tool to Planck maps and obtain a constraint on the monopole of the polarization rotation angle $\alpha \lt 0\buildrel{\circ}\over{.} 72$ at 95% We also demonstrate how the tool can be used as a local method for reconstructing maps of direction dependent rotation $\alpha (\hat{{\boldsymbol{n}}})$.
AU - Contaldi,CR
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TI - Imaging parity-violating modes in the CMB
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