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Claudia de Rham

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Physics

Professor of Theoretical Physics

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Media, Press Coverage & Outreach

Los Angeles Times (Sept 2020), scientific expert on movie Tenet, ``How real is the science in Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’? We asked an expert" by Emily Zemler.

Quanta Magazine (August 2020), Featured Q&A, ``The Physicist Who Slayed Gravity’s Ghosts" by Thomas Lewton.

New Scientist Cover Story (July 2020), Invited article on ``What does gravity weigh?"

Quanta Magazine (June 2020), Invited contribution for article on "Why Gravity Is Not Like the Other Forces," edited by Natalie Wolchover.

Physics World (March 2020), Feature interview by Andrew Glester.

Game Changers: 9 Young Scientists Transforming Our World (March 2020), event hosted by the New York Academy of Sciences.

The Guardian (Jan 2020), Feature interview by Hannah Delvin, Has physicist's gravity theory solved 'impossible' dark energy riddle?

New Zealand Main Radio (Jan 2020), Feature interview

New Scientist (Jan 2020) "What is Reality" By Jason Arunn Murugesu , Joshua Howgego and Gilead Amit.

Through the wormhole with Morgan Freeman
"Is the Force with Us?" Season 8, episode 1.

Interview on Gender and Physics for Ideas Roadshow

TEDxCLE talk
"100 years of General Relativity" CWRU, Cleveland, OH

Swiss National Television,
"L'astrophysicienne lausannoise Claudia de Rham effectue des recherches sur l'univers et la gravitation a Londres" report by Laurent Burkhalter

Nature Physics Research highlight January issue Gravitational Waves: Dark energy in doubt highlight by Stefanie Reichert on publication Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 221101 (2018) in collaboration with Scott Melville.

BBC the Naked Scientist, interview on "Hawking's recent work: The Information Paradox"

L'Hebdo, (Swiss Magazine),
"La scientifique suisse qui relativise Einstein" adaptation by Gian Pozzy

Die Zeit, (German Newspaper),
"Sie denkt weiter als Einstein" by Hanna Wick

Swiss National Radio,
"Rencontre avec Claudia de Rham, une spécialiste du cosmos "

Colloquium Wright
The Dark Side of The Universe

Colloquium series, Geneva, Switzerland
Public talk in honor of the 100 year of General Relativity

New Scientist (features 6 dec 2017)
"Dark energy is mutating, with grave consequences for the cosmos" by Gilead Amit

Physics World,
"Might Gravity have mass?,'' by Matthew Francis

Le Monde, (French Newspaper)
"La relativite generale a l'epreuve des tests,'' by Philippe Pajot

"Fat gravity particle gives clues to dark energy,'' by Zeeya Merali

CERN EP letter Newsletter of the EP department, Interview with Claudia de Rham by Spyros Argyropoulos (University of Iowa), Panos Charitos (CERN)

Article Inside the Perimeter People of PI: Claudia de Rham, unstuck by gravity by Colin Hunter.

YouTube video interview on "Cosmology's Latest Puzzle: The Hubble Tension"

New Scientist, interview for article on "Dark energy is mutating, with grave consequences for the cosmos"

Swedish Popular Astronomi,
"Tyngre tyngdkraft tar oss bortom Einstein,''  by Fawad Hassan, Mikael von Strauss & Angnis Schmidt-May

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
``A moment with Dr. Claudia de Rham,'' by Philip Mozel

Radio Lac
radio interview, ``Claudia de Rham, physicienne: "La matière sombre...""

Swiss National Radio
radio interview ``La gravitation au coeur du 18e colloque Wright à Genève"

Imperial College News
"Expanding horizons: throwing new light on dark energy," by Daniel Warren

ALUMNIST, the magazine for EPFL graduates "Claudia de Rham, exploratrice de l'Univers"