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Clean Technology Investment - BUSI97015


Module Description

While global investment in renewable energy already tops $250 billion per annum, continued development of new ventures will be critical for the sector’s long term success.  There is a broad range of opportunities including: promotion of new technological solutions, implementing new service-based business models, and pushing into new frontier markets. In this elective, you will explore different elements of entrepreneurship in renewable energy such as technology commercialisation, product positioning, new market development and financing options.  


The module will cover the following topics:

Generating entrepreneurial perspectives;

Managing technology platforms;

Key stages in new venture financing;

Evaluating market potential for a technology;

Valuation of capital-intensive projects;

Regulation and subsidies in alternative energy;

Interactions between business strategy & government policymaking

Module Aims & Objectives and Learning Outcomes

The aims of the module are to make you aware of the numerous entrepreneurial opportunities in the energy space, and the challenges faced to make them viable.  Large scale opportunities using wind or solar require significant up front investments, making it hostile for new entrants with less capital.  Niche opportunities and technology-based ideas often show greater potential.  


The elective will be centred around case discussions, with short assignments to be written on different cases.  The cases will draw from both non-energy related areas such as consumer markets or services as well as renewable energy, allowing you to gain a broader understanding of the core principles of the new venture lifecycle.



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