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Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Infectious Disease

Honorary Research Officer



+44 (0)20 7594 3915c.hoggart




231Norfolk PlaceSt Mary's Campus





I am a Research Fellow at Imperial College London. My research focuses on statistical methods for the analysis of genetic data with a focus on the genetics of susceptibility and severity of paediatric infectious diseases.



Lennon NJ, Kottyan LC, Kachulis C, et al., 2023, Selection, optimization, and validation of ten chronic disease polygenic risk scores for clinical implementation in diverse populations., Medrxiv

Channon-Wells S, Vito O, McArdle AJ, et al., 2023, Immunoglobulin, glucocorticoid, or combination therapy for multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children: a propensity-weighted cohort study, The Lancet Rheumatology, Vol:5, ISSN:2665-9913, Pages:e184-e199

Hoggart C, Choi SW, García-González J, et al., 2023, BridgePRS : A powerful trans-ancestry Polygenic Risk Score method., Biorxiv

Kuiper R, Wright VJ, Habgood-Coote D, et al., 2023, Bridging a diagnostic Kawasaki disease classifier from a microarray platform to a qRT-PCR assay, Pediatric Research, Vol:93, ISSN:0031-3998, Pages:559-569

Choi SW, Garcia-Gonzalez J, Ruan Y, et al., 2023, PRSet: Pathway-based polygenic risk score analyses and software, Plos Genetics, Vol:19, ISSN:1553-7404

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