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Prof Chris Lawrence

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Visiting Professor



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Research Interests

Oilfield Process Engineering. Mathematical Modelling with applications in the Mechanics of Fluids, Solids, Multiphase Materials and Interfaces.

  • Carbon management, Oilfield applications of CO2: enhanced oil production, interactions of of CO2: with oilfield materials
  • Sand production, acidisation, heavy crudes, asphaltenes, fouling
  • Rheology, microstructure and processing of soft solids and complex liquids: pastes, emulsions and liquid crystals.
  • Slip and wall effects in the flow of complex materials.
  • Materials processing: Extrusion, coating, drying, cleaning, granulation, mixing.
  • Process intensification: Spinning disk reactor, intensified mixing.
  • Multiphase flows: slug flow, stratified flow, annular flow.
  • Multiphase technology: separations, visualisation, densitometry, tomography.
  • Surface tension, free surface dynamics, waves and interfacial mechanics.

Selected Research Projects

  1. Joint project on transient multiphase flows. (TMF3 ) in collaboration with G. F. Hewitt, S. M. Richardson, C. Hale, P. M. Ujang, and R. I. Issa, G. Sciarrillo, S. Barbeau (Mechanical Engineering) download PDF 
  2. Micro-mechanical studies of sand production problems in wellbores in collaboration with F. Stepanek, Z. Grof, M. J. Blunt (Earth Science and Engineering), J. Cook (Schlumberger) download PDF
  3. Spinning disk reactor for desktop drug manufacture in collaboration with O. K. Matar, G. M. Sisoev download PDF

Research Chair in Oilfield Process Engineering. Royal Academy of Engineering, Schlumberger Cambridge Research, 2003-2007.

TMF3: Joint project on transient multiphase flows (Associate Director) EPSRC, DTI, Industrial Consortium, 2003-2006.

Micro-mechanical studies of sand production problems in wellbores. EPSRC, Schlumberger Cambridge Research, 2004-2007.

Integrated Sensors, Modelling and Control for Oilfield Fluids and Processes. Schlumberger, PSE Ltd, DTI Technology Programme, 2005-2008.

Minimising the environmental footprint of FMCG plant. DTI Zero Emissions Feasibility Study, 2005-2006.

Fouling in heat exchangers of crude distillation units. EPSRC Process Engineering, Engineering Science Data Unit, 2006-2009.

Nonlinear bubble-sound interaction phenomena. EPSRC Speculative Research in Engineering, 2005-2008.

Research Staff





Research Student Supervision

LAU,L, Toroidal drops and sheaths in two-phase Couette flow

ZHAO,L, Measuring the Effects of CO2 on Oilfield Materials