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ProfessorCristinaLo Celso

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Life Sciences

Co-Director Centre for Haematology & Prof Stem Cell Biology



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For more information on the lab, including details of any open position, visit our group website here.


Dr Lo Celso’s work focuses on the dynamic processes underlying healthy and malignant haematopoiesis, using an interdisciplinary approach that combines  advanced intravital microscopy, computational image analysis, flow cytometry and mathematical modelling.

14 hours long time lapse of a T cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (T-ALL) cells observed using confocal microscopy of live mouse calvarium bone marrow. The T-ALL cell expresses DsRed fluorescent protein (red) and also visible are bone marrow vasculature (cy5 dextran, blue) and GFP-expressing osteoblastic cells (green).


From time to time there may be open positions to join Dr Lo Celso’s research team. These will be posted on the group website (here: link to If there are no open positions but you are interested in joining the group as a postdoc or PhD student, please get in touch directly via email.


Dr Lo Celso teaches and co-organises with Dr Anita Hall the Stem Cells, Regeneration and Ageing (SCRA) course for the 3rd year of the Biochemistry and Biology degrees. She also teaches development of the immune system and haematopoietic stem cell biology in the Immunology courses of Biochemistry and Biology degrees and cell and stem cell biology in the Cell and Developmental Biology course of the Biology degree. These are 2nd year courses.

Dr Lo Celso runs a number of tutorials for first, second and third year courses as well as the SCRA practical. She is personal tutor for the Biochemistry degree, supervises third year literature projects and accommodates third year Biochemistry laboratory projects within her research group.

Dr Lo Celso provides lectures on stem cell biology and intravital microscopy for the MSc Applied Biosciences and Biotechnology and the MSc, PG Cert Genes, Drugs and Stem Cells - Novel Therapies. She is guest lecturer at Queen Mary University in the Regenerative Medicine Msc and was faculty at the Hydra Stem Cells summer school 2016



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