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ProfessorCristinaLo Celso

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Life Sciences

Co-Director Centre for Haematology & Prof Stem Cell Biology







548Sir Alexander Fleming BuildingSouth Kensington Campus




Stem Cells, Regeneration and Ageing - LIFE96033


Research into stem cells, regeneration and ageing has huge potential for understanding basic biochemistry as well as offering novel and improved medical therapies. This course reflects the great interest in these areas; it aims to equip students with the fundamental and cutting edge knowledge and critical understanding necessary to take part in this research at the bench, bedside or business level. The syllabus will include: An introduction to the types of stem cells and their characteristics, molecular regulation of stem cell fate, stem cell niches and behaviour, the cell biology of differentiation, the genetics and epigenetics of stem cells and how people work with them in vitro and in vivo. You will learn about stem cells from skin, the blood, muscle, heart, lung, gut, eye, pancreas, fat, the nervous system and germline and the possible stem cell basis of human diseases. Also covered will be current regenerative medicine research including several example tissue targets, bioscaffolds and future aims.  We will then teach you what is known about the cell biology of ageing. A  Lecture on the ethics and safety issues arising from research in these fields is also included. This course will build on MB, MCB, Immunology and to a lesser extent, PS.