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I am a researcher, engineer, and educator currently working as a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Structures at Imperial College London where I lead the Emerging Structural Technologies Research Group. My research interests span the areas of earthquake engineering, structural timber engineering, applied dynamics, and the development and implementation of passive and semi-active damping systems. Having practiced for five years in large and small infrastructure projects in Latin America, I am continuously involved in specialised consultancy internationally. I also serve on a number of  committees related to international code development and the advancement of engineering practice. A list of publications can be found in the tab above or in Scopus.


I am always pleased to hear from people interested in conducting research under my supervision in any of the areas mentioned above. Please note that I tend to consider applications from highly qualified students with a specialised MSc degree. Get in touch via email if you: (i) have an excellent academic record, (ii) have formulated a thoughtful tentative research plan compatible with my research interests, and (iii) have actively sought or secured a competitive scholarship. Competitions for funding opportunities exist through internal and external schemes for exceptional applicants.

As most of my fellow academics, I receive several applications each day. Although many candidates are excellent, it is virtually impossible to respond to each potential applicant personally; besides, the funding opportunities are limited and there are many space constraints. Please do not get discouraged if I do not respond to your email.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Málaga-Chuquitaype C, 2021, Strong-motion duration and response scaling of yielding and degrading eccentric structures, Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics, Vol:50, ISSN:0098-8847, Pages:635-654

Thiers-Moggia R, Malaga Chuquitaype C, 2020, Seismic control of flexible rocking structures using inerters, Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics, Vol:49, ISSN:0098-8847, Pages:1519-1538

Malaga Chuquitaype C, Menendez-Vicente C, Thiers-Moggia R, 2019, Experimental and numerical assessment of the seismic response of steel structures with clutched inerters, Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Vol:121, ISSN:0267-7261, Pages:200-211

Malaga Chuquitaype C, Ilkanaev J, 2018, Novel digitally-manufactured wooden beams for vibration reduction, Structures, Vol:16, ISSN:2352-0124, Pages:1-9

Sirumbal-Zapata LF, Málaga-Chuquitaype C, Elghazouli AY, 2018, A three-dimensional plasticity-damage constitutive model for timber under cyclic loads, Computers & Structures, Vol:195, ISSN:0045-7949, Pages:47-63


Kasinos S, Chatzi E, Malaga Chuquitaype C, Response of nonlinear secondary oscillators in cascade to random excitation, XI International Conference on Structural Dynamics (EURODYN 2020)

Lee-Lewis T, Malaga Chuquitaype C, Nanos N, On The Use of Open-Source Low-Cost Vibration Sensing Technologies for Seismic Assessment in Urban Areas, SECED 2019, Earthquake Risk and Engineering Towards a Resilient World

More Publications