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Dr Christian Malaga-Chuquitaype

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Senior Lecturer



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I am a researcher, engineer, and educator currently working in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College London where I lead the Emerging Structural Technologies Research Group. My research is centred on improving the response of structures and infrastructure systems to short-term and long-term stressors through the use of emerging structural technologies. It spans the areas of earthquake engineering, structural mechanics and design, applied dynamics, extraterrestrial structures and the development and implementation of passive and semi-active damping systems. Having practiced for five years in large and small infrastructure projects in Latin America, I am continuously involved in specialised consultancy internationally. I also serve on a number of  committees related to international code development and the advancement of engineering practice. A list of publications can be found in the tab above or in Scopus.


I am always pleased to hear from people interested in conducting research under my supervision in any of the areas mentioned above. Please note that I tend to consider applications from highly qualified students with a specialised MSc degree. Get in touch via email if you: (i) have an excellent academic record, (ii) have formulated a thoughtful tentative research plan compatible with my research interests, and (iii) have actively sought or secured a competitive scholarship. Competitions for funding opportunities exist through internal and external schemes for exceptional applicants.

As most of my fellow academics, I receive several applications each day. Although many candidates are excellent, it is virtually impossible to respond to each potential applicant personally; besides, the funding opportunities are limited and there are many space constraints. Please do not get discouraged if I do not respond to your email.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Reza Gharehbaghi V, Noroozinejad Farsangi E, Noori M, et al., 2021, A Critical Review on Structural Health Monitoring: Definitions, Methods, and Perspectives, Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering, ISSN:1134-3060

Freddi F, Galasso C, Cremen G, et al., 2021, Innovations in earthquake risk reduction for resilience: Recent advances and challenges, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, Vol:60, ISSN:2212-4209

Málaga-Chuquitaype C, 2021, Strong-motion duration and response scaling of yielding and degrading eccentric structures, Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics, Vol:50, ISSN:0098-8847, Pages:635-654

Thiers-Moggia R, Malaga Chuquitaype C, 2021, Effect of base-level inerters on the higher mode response of uplifting structures, Journal of Engineering Mechanics, ISSN:0733-9399

Malaga Chuquitaype C, Menendez-Vicente C, Thiers-Moggia R, 2019, Experimental and numerical assessment of the seismic response of steel structures with clutched inerters, Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Vol:121, ISSN:0267-7261, Pages:200-211


Kasinos S, Chatzi E, Malaga Chuquitaype C, Response of nonlinear secondary oscillators in cascade to random excitation, XI International Conference on Structural Dynamics (EURODYN 2020)

Lee-Lewis T, Malaga Chuquitaype C, Nanos N, On The Use of Open-Source Low-Cost Vibration Sensing Technologies for Seismic Assessment in Urban Areas, SECED 2019, Earthquake Risk and Engineering Towards a Resilient World

More Publications