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Markides C, 2008, Autoignition in Turbulent Flows: Experimental Observations and Investigation of the Effects of Turbulence and Mixture Inhomogeneities, Publisher: VDM Verlag, ISBN: 9783836494342

In this work gaseous fuels were released continuously and concentrically into confined annular co-flows of turbulent hot air. Following injection the fuel and air mixed and at some length downstream of the nozzle the reactive mixture autoignited. Original phenomena are reported of autoignition spots, unsteady flame propagation and extinction or flashback. The frequency of the spots was measured, as were their acoustic and chemiluminescence characteristics. Optical measurements of the autoignition locations were made and used to estimate mean delay times from injection. As would be expected by considerations of simple chemical kinetics and the mean concentration field, higher air temperatures and lower fuel velocities resulted in autoignition closer to the injector. However, as the air velocity and hence also turbulent fluctuations were increased, autoignition shifted downstream and was delayed, while its frequency and sound intensity decreased. Such and other situations are presented that cannot be explained purely in terms of chemical arguments, i.e. homogeneous delay times, highlighting the significance of the mixing field through the mixture fraction and scalar dissipation rate.


Markides CN, Mastorakos E, 2008, Flame propagation following the autoignition of axisymmetric hydrogen, acetylene, and normal-heptane plumes in turbulent coflows of hot air, JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING FOR GAS TURBINES AND POWER-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME, Vol: 130, ISSN: 0742-4795

Journal article

Markides CN, De Paola G, Mastorakos E, 2007, Measurements and simulations of mixing and autoignition of an n-heptane plume in a turbulent flow of heated air, EXPERIMENTAL THERMAL AND FLUID SCIENCE, Vol: 31, Pages: 393-401, ISSN: 0894-1777

Journal article

Markides CN, Mastorakos E, 2006, Measurements of scalar dissipation in a turbulent plume with planar laser-induced fluorescence of acetone, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE, Vol: 61, Pages: 2835-2842, ISSN: 0009-2509

Journal article

Markides CN, Mastorakos E, 2006, Flame propagation following the autoignition of axisymmetric hydrogen, acetylene and normal-heptane plumes in turbulent co-flows of hot air, 51st ASME Turbo Expo, Publisher: AMER SOC MECHANICAL ENGINEERS, Pages: 843-852

Conference paper

Markides CN, Mastorakos E, 2005, An experimental study of hydrogen autoignition in a turbulent co-flow of heated air, PROCEEDINGS OF THE COMBUSTION INSTITUTE, Vol: 30, Pages: 883-891, ISSN: 1540-7489

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