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AB - This paper presents a thermoeconomic analysis of a solar combined heating and power (S-CHP) system based on hybridphotovoltaic-thermal (PV/T) collectors for the University Sport Centre (USC) of Bari, Italy. Hourly demand data for space heating,swimming pool heating, hot water and electricity provision as well as the local weather data are used as inputs to a transient modeldeveloped in TRNSYS. Economic performance is evaluated by considering the investment costs and the cost savings due to thereduced electricity and natural gas consumptions. The results show that 38.2% of the electricity demand can be satisfied by thePV/T S-CHP system with an installation area of 4,000 m2. The coverage increases to 81.3% if the excess electricity is fed to thegrid. In addition, the system can cover 23.7% of the space heating demand and 53.8% of the demands for the swimming pool andhot water heating. A comparison with an equivalent gas-fired internal combustion engine (ICE) CHP system shows that the PV/Tsystem has a higher payback time, i.e., 11.6 years vs. 3 years, but outperforms the ICE solution in terms of CO2 emission reduction,i.e., 435 tons CO2/year vs. 164 tons CO2/year. This work suggests that the proposed PV/T S-CHP system has a good potential ofdecarbonisation, while the economic competitiveness should be further enhanced to boost its deployment.
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