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Cecilia Mattevi is a Professor of Materials Science in the Department of Materials at Imperial College London. Her research interests centre on science and engineering of novel 2D atomically thin  materials to enable applications in energy conversion and energy storage.  Mattevi’s research group focuses on the precise synthesis of 2D materials and their three-dimensional structuring in the form of miniaturized devices to address pressing challenges in energy storage devices and energy conversion systems.

Mattevi group:

Cecilia has been awarded an ERC-Consolidator Grant 2018 3DAddChip

Cecilia’s past funding supports: science and engineering of 2D semiconducting materials (EPSRC 1st grant, EPSRC-Royal Society fellowship engagement, The Royal Society University Research Fellowship), the development of methods for large scale synthesis of graphene for applications in different technology areas from energy storage to polymer/ceramic composite materials (EPSRC-Graphene Engineering), engineering large scale implementation of graphene-composite (Petronas), and energy applications of graphene derivatives (EU-Graphene Flagship).

Prior to this appointment Cecilia, earned her PhD in Materials Science in 2008 undertaking her doctoral research at the European Synchrotron Facility Elettra, Trieste, IT. Cecilia then joined the group of Prof. Manish Chhowalla in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Rutgers University, NJ, USA as a postdoctoral associate where she worked on chemically derived graphene for large area optoelectronic applications. In 2010, Cecilia joined Imperial as Junior Research Fellow.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Sokolikova MS, Mattevi C, 2020, Direct synthesis of metastable phases of 2D transition metal dichalcogenides, Chemical Society Reviews, Vol:49, ISSN:0306-0012, Pages:3952-3980

Zatko V, Galbiati M, Dubois SM-M, et al., 2019, Band-structure spin-filtering in vertical spin valves based on chemical vapor deposited WS2., ACS Nano, Vol:13, ISSN:1936-0851, Pages:14468-14476

Sherrell PC, Palczynski P, Sokolikova MS, et al., 2019, Large-area CVD MoS2/WS2 heterojunctions as a photoelectrocatalyst for salt water oxidation, Acs Applied Energy Materials, Vol:2, ISSN:2574-0962, Pages:5877-5882

Sokolikova MS, Sherrell PC, Palczynski P, et al., 2019, Direct solution-phase synthesis of 1T’ WSe2 nanosheets, Nature Communications, Vol:10, ISSN:2041-1723, Pages:1-8

Pesci FM, Sokolikova MS, Grotta C, et al., 2017, MoS<sub>2</sub>/WS<sub>2</sub> Heterojunction for Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation, ACS Catalysis, Vol:7, ISSN:2155-5435, Pages:4990-4998

Sokolikova MS, Sherrell PC, Bemmer VL, et al., 2017, Room-temperature growth of colloidal Bi2Te3 nanosheets, Chemical Communications, Vol:53, ISSN:1364-548X, Pages:8026-8029

More Publications