Imperial College London


Faculty of MedicineNational Heart & Lung Institute

Honorary Research Fellow







223Guy Scadding BuildingRoyal Brompton Campus





Dr Elizabeth Renzoni, Dr Gisela Lindahl, Dr Patricia Leoni-Garcia, National Heart and Lung Institute, Interstitial Lung Disease Group

Dr Maria Sukkar, University of Technology Sydney, Graduate School of Health - Pharmacy

Dr Judith Mak, The University of Hong Kong, Departments of Medicine; Departments of Pharmacology & Pharmacy; Shenzhen Institute of Research and Innovation

Research Student Supervision

Ashmore,R, Investigating mitochondrial dysfunction in severe asthma (MRes Biomedical Research)

Ghazwani,AA, Importin expression in airway smooth muscle cells of severe asthma (MRes Biomedical Research)

Harmer,G, Importin gene expression in airway smooth muscle cells of asthma (BSc Pharmacology)

Li,X, Transfer of mitochondria between pluripotent stem cell-derived mesenchymal stem cells and pulmonary cells under oxidative stress (PhD)

Lim,JM, Effect of the Long Acting Beta-Agonists on Nuclear Expression of Importin-7 in Airway Smooth Muscle Cells (BSc Pharmacology)

Lo,C-Y, The role of fibrocytes in severe asthma (PhD)

Rasiah,MG, Investigation of novel biomarkers and possible therapeutic targets for vasoplegia associated with cardiac surgery (BSc Pharmacology)

Uwadiae,F, The role of importin-7 in glucocorticoid receptor function in airway smooth muscle cells (MRes Biomedical Research)