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Dr. Céline Mougenot is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at the Dyson School of Design Engineering where she leads a research group which develops methodologies and tools that can support Collaborative Design - the collective production of human-centred design by diverse groups of stakeholders, across disciplines and across cultures.

At the intersection of Design Research and Cognitive Ergonomics, topics currently being explored within the group include:

- Design x Disciplines: multidisciplinary collaborations in design, Design x Science collaboration, co-designing with end-users and various stakeholders, designing for diversity and inclusivity

- Design x Culture: cross-cultural design, culturally-sensitive design, multicultural collaboration in design workshops, facilitation of design workshops in East-Asian contexts

Our findings inform the development of tools that can support human-centred design activities and contribute to the following United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals: Good health and wellbeing, Gender equality and Decent work and economic growth.UN-SDGOur main partners include Tokyo Institute of Technology and its DLab, the University of Tokyo and its Design Lab, Telecom Paris Tech, Designit, L'Oreal and Mana Lab.

Céline's teaching roles include leading the Human Centered Design Engineering module on the Design Engineering M.Eng. programme and tutoring in the Innovation Design Engineering M.Sc./M.A. programme run jointly with the Royal College of Art

Tokyo symposium / Tanpopo-no-ye Foundation(picture: Kazue Yawase for Tanpopo-no-ye Foundation, 2020)

From 2011 to 2018, Céline was the Design Research Group lead at Tokyo Institute of Technology. She previously worked as a JSPS post-doctoral fellow at the University of Tokyo and as an engineer at Dassault Systemes. She holds a M.Eng in Mechanical Engineering (INSA Lyon), a MSc. in Product Design (UTC) and a PhD in Industrial Design Engineering (ENSAM Paris Tech).

Ph.D Projects

  • Sander Välk. Science and Design multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Mimi Quynh Trang Nguyen. Multidisciplinary collaboration in the workplace
  • Shu Huang. Cultural diversity in Collaborative Design
  • Malak Sadek. Collaborative Design and AI PhD candidates Mimi Nguyen, Margot Sandy and Sander VaelkPast PhD projects:
  • Yuki Taoka. Culturally-sensitive co-design tools in a Japanese context - with Prof. Shigeki Saito. Tokyo Institute of Technology (2019) - now Assistant Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
  • Lalita Haritaipan. Magic as an inspiration for Designers - with Prof. Miki Saijo. Tokyo Institute of Technology (2019) - now Management Consultant at LiB consulting, Thailand
  • Santosh Maurya. Development of a Mixed Reality-based co-design system - with Prof. Yukio Takeda. Tokyo Institute of Technology (2019) - now Digital Engineer at Hitachi, Japan

Ph.D Opportunities

Candidates interested in a PhD position in our group need to first check that they fulfill the entrance requirements for Postgraduate Study (PhD) in the School of Design Engineering, then email to Dr. Mougenot: your CV, brief research proposal and Ph.D intended starting date.

Additional information: Imperial College entry requirements, Imperial College President's PhD Scholarship and other scholarship schemes here, here and here.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Nguyen QT, Mougenot C, 2022, A systematic review of empirical studies on multidisciplinary design collaboration: findings, methods, and challenges, Design Studies, Vol:81, ISSN:0142-694X

Taoka Y, Kagohashi K, Mougenot C, 2021, A cross-cultural study of co-design: the impact of power distance on group dynamics in Japan, Codesign, Vol:17, ISSN:1571-0882, Pages:22-49

Baker MJ, Detienne F, Mougenot C, et al., 2020, Argumentation, Eureka and emotion: an analysis of group projects in creative design training, Learning, Culture and Social Interaction, Vol:26, ISSN:2210-6561


Nguyen QT, Laly M, Kwon BC, et al., 2022, Moody Man: Improving creative teamwork through dynamic affective recognition, CHI 2022 - ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, ACM, Pages:1-14

More Publications