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I am a postgraduate researcher in the Control and Power group in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. My research is co-supervised by Prof. Goran Strbac, Dr Fei Teng and Dr Marko Aunedi. Before my PhD, I studied at the University of Oxford. There, I received a first class master of engineering (MENG) degree, attaining the top mark in the 4th year power systems module.

My research focuses on optimising the operation of future low-carbon power systems. This is an important problem because previous research has shown that UK energy production cost in 2030 will drop by nearly 50%, while the cost associated with providing balancing services will increase by an order of magnitude. This is due to increasingly high wind penetration, an energy resource characterised by high unpredictability and variability.

In this context, my work focuses on optimising ancillary service provision from a range of providers, and investigating alternative market designs that cost-effectively facilitate this. The main tool I use in providing solutions is convex optimisation, in which my core competencies lie. These include: multistage and two-stage stochastic programming with recourse, mixed integer programming, second order cone programming and chance constrained programming. I am experienced at forming high level optimisation problems in a range of languages (C++, Python, MATLAB...) that are efficiently solved by commercial solvers (Gurobi, Xpress, CPLEX...).

My PhD is funded by the National Grid ESO.