Imperial College London

Dr Christos Papavassiliou

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Reader in Instrumentation Electronics



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915Electrical EngineeringSouth Kensington Campus





Memristive devices applications and modeling.

Analogue and RF Integrated Circuit Design and testing.


Prof Dimitra Kaklamani, National Technical University of Athens,dept of Electrical Engineering, Spatial Diversity Communications, 2011

Guest Lectures

Packaging and Robust Electronics for Wireless Sensor Networks, UK Sensors and Instrumentation KTP, Meeting on Wireless Communications to Enable the Internet of Thingsin conjunction with the 9th WiSIG Meeting, University of Surrey, 2010

Research Student Supervision

Arora,R, An efficient model of substrate coupling in integrated circuits

Berdan,R, Applications of Memristors in Conventional Analogue Electronics

Chen,W, Decoding of Asynchronous Sigma Delta TDC

Despotopoulos,S, SiGe FETs for Analogue High Frequency Applications

Goverdovsky,V, Small Animal Tracking

Jakub,S, Memristor Enabled Reconfigurable Analogue Systems

Maurino,R, Band-Pass Delta-Sigma A/D converters for telecommunications

Nassibi,A, Intelligent neural decoding of depression

Prodromakis,T, Substrates for printed antennas

Seah,KH, A Digital Polar Transmitter for Multi-Band OFDM Ultra-WideBand

Seah,KH, A Digital Polar Transmitter for Multi-Band OFDM Ultra-WideBand

Semati,M, Optoelectronic receiver Design: an Optimisation Approach

Shen,J, CMOS Characterisation Platforms and Analogue Applications of Memristors

Tuckwell,M, Analogue Circuits For Low Power Communication

Vatti,S, RF CMOS VCO for Monolithic Integration of MEMS Inductor

Zhi,J, Spread Spectrum Chopped Amplifiers