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Dr. Constandina Pospori is a Research Associate in the Bone Marrow Dynamics group, within the Department of Life Sciences. 

Constandina studied Medicine in University College London. Following her Intercalated BSc in Immunology and Cellular Pathology, she joined the UCL MB PhD programme. She obtained her MB BS degree in 2012 and her PhD in Tumour Immunology in 2013. In her PhD with Dr. Emma Morris and Professor Hans Stauss, she examined the effects of central and peripheral tolerance against T cells expressing a high avidity T cell receptor specific for the tumour-associated antigen, WT1.  

In 2013, Constandina joined Prof. Sara Rankin's group in the National Heart and Lung Institute where she studied the recruitment of endogenous progenitor cells with pro-angiogenic potential towards the site of Bioengineered transplants.

In 2016 she joined Dr. Cristina Lo Celso's group, where she is investigating the dynamic interactions between T cells, Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and Haematopoietic Stem cells throughout the course of disease as well as in the presence of T cell Immunotherapy. 

Constandina is one of the co-ordinators of the Imperial Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Network. She is also interested in communicating science with the public and has been involved in the Imperial Fringe, the Imperial Festival as well as the Science Museum Lates. 



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