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Carol is Professor of Economics at Imperial College Business School in the Department of Economics and Public Policy. Between 2016 and 2019 she was also Vice Dean for Faculty and Research at Imperial Business School.

Her research focuses on financial and non-financial incentives for the quality of health care and healthcare productivity. More widely, she has contributed to the understanding of the design and consequences of incentives within the public sector and the boundary between the state and private markets in the provision of services. 

She is a past President of the Royal Economic Society and has undertaken a wide range of public service activities including Chair of the ESRC Research Grants Board 2005-09, member of the ESRC Council 2005-09, member of the Royal Economic Society Council 2000-2005. In 2021 she was a member of President Macron of France's expert commission on major economic challenges.

In 2021 she was made a Dame for her services to public health and economics. Previously she was awarded a CBE for her services to social science in 2010. These accolades recognise Carol’s research into public economics and economics of health care and her contribution to policy.  She is a fellow of the British Academy,  the US National Academy of Medicine, CEPR, and the Academy of Social Sciences. She is a Research Associate of the IFS and holds an adjunct professorship at Monash University, Australia.

She was Co-Director and Director of the Centre for Market and Public Organisation at the University of Bristol between 1998 and 2007, and Co-Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Exclusion at London School of Economics between 1997-2007. From 2016 she has been Deputy Editor of VOX EU.

Her research has been published in a wide number of leading economics journals. She has been twice awarded the International Health Economics Association Arrow Award for the best paper in health economics worldwide and received the American Economic Association Prize for the best paper published in the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy in 2012-15. She has been the recipient of prestigious personal research awards from the European Research Council and the Economics and Social Research Council of the UK.  

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Zaranko B, Sanford NJ, Kelly E, et al., 2023, Nurse staffing and inpatient mortality in the English National Health Service: a retrospective longitudinal study, BMJ Quality & Safety, Vol:32, ISSN:2044-5423, Pages:254-263

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More Publications