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Catalin is a Charter and Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (UK), since Nov, 2015.

Currently, his research is dedicated to further develop and validate hot form quench (HFQ®) Technology for use in the global automotive industry.

As design engineer he was involved to design high integrity products for Spanish Navy.

Developed a new design for metal seat ball valve assemblies for Nuclear and Marine industries & resolved some problems imposed by the surface engineering submitted to the tribological contacts(i.e. ball, seat, and ball/seat/ body of valves); predicted the wear produced in the ball valve mechanisms, conducted testing and failure analysis of existing valve products, investigated surface characteristics and tribological response for imposed contact combinations.

He was involved to solve the tribological behavior of aluminum alloys submitted to cold forging processes. Making hard progress for improving and to optimize technological processes by developing a novel lubrication process through calibration of accurate friction models that include important parameters such as: lubricant viscosity, speed effect, contact pressure, equivalent plastic strain, and interface temperature.

Another research was focused in analysing crack initiation/propagation phenomena in innovative materials such as titanium alloys. Task performed using Acoustic Emission (AE) device and correlated with high speed camera and then checked with optical microscopy (SEM, and optical microscope).

Knowledge transfer partnership

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Catalin was responsible for a research project between Truflo Marine Ltd. and the University of Birmingham. Project dedicated to develop new design for metal seat ball valve assemblies for Nuclear and Marine industries and concentrated to detect and to improve the problems imposed by the surface engineering submitted to the tribological contacts


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  • 2010-2013, PhD in Design Mechanics and Biomechanics, Politecnico di Bari, Italy
  • 2008-2009, MSc in Design & Materials Engineering, University Lorraine
  • 2003-2008, BSc in Mechanical Engineering, University of Bacau, Romania