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Dr Carola I. Radulescu

Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Brain Sciences

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I joined UK DRI at Imperial in October 2018 as a postdoctoral research associate in the Barnes Lab. My main project is currently focused on understanding the causes and consequences of neuronal network and synaptic mechanisms destabilisation during ageing. To investigate this I am combining a number of techniques, including longitudinal 2-Photon in vivo imaging, single cell in vitro electrophysiology, immunofluorescence labelling, behavioural testing and pharmacological interventions. In June 2019, I was awarded one of the UK DRI Pilot Study Awards, in collaboration with Amy Smith (Imperial DRI), for a project titled:  Discovery of the integrated optogenetic-transcriptomic signatures of destabilised neuronal activity early in progression of an Alzheimer’s disease model

In 2012, I obtained a collaborative PhD scholarship award and undertook my PhD at the University of Sheffield (UK) and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR, Singapore) between 2013 and 2018. During the first part of my PhD, in Sheffield, I investigated corticostriatal communication in the healthy brain using concurrent in vitro multi-channel electrophysiology, optogenetics and pharmacological manipulations. The second half of my PhD, based at the Translational Laboratory in Genetic Medicine (TLGM), in Singapore, took on a translational focus. Specifically, my research was focused on the impact of environmental and microbiota manipulations on white matter plasticity in Huntington disease models. Here, I used a range of different techniques, including transmission electron microscopy, histology, and behavioural testing. Prior to my PhD I undertook an MSc in Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience at the University of Sheffield, during which a key component of my research consisted of the development and application of Matlab based tools to optimise behavioural paradigms and analysis of behavioural experiments.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Ferrari Bardile C, Radulescu CI, Pouladi MA, 2023, Oligodendrocyte pathology in Huntington’s disease: from mechanisms to therapeutics, Trends in Molecular Medicine, Vol:29, ISSN:1471-4914, Pages:802-816

Melgosa-Ecenarro L, Doostdar N, Radulescu CI, et al., 2022, Pinpointing the locus of GABAergic vulnerability in Alzheimer?s disease, Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology, Vol:139, ISSN:1084-9521, Pages:35-54

Radulescu CI, Barnes SJ, 2021, Learning and memory: Scaling new areas, Current Biology, Vol:31, ISSN:0960-9822, Pages:R721-R723

Radulescu CI, Cerar V, Haslehurst P, et al., 2021, The aging mouse brain: cognition, connectivity and calcium, Cell Calcium, Vol:94, ISSN:0143-4160, Pages:1-19

Doostdar N, Airey J, Radulescu CI, et al., 2021, Multi-scale network imaging in a mouse model of amyloidosis, Cell Calcium, ISSN:0143-4160, Pages:102365-102365

Knopfel T, Sweeney Y, Radulescu CI, et al., 2019, Audio-visual experience strengthens multisensory assemblies in adult mouse visual cortex, Nature Communications, Vol:10, ISSN:2041-1723

Radulescu CI, Garcia-Miralles M, Sidik H, et al., 2019, Manipulation of microbiota reveals altered callosal myelination and white matter plasticity in a model of Huntington disease, Neurobiology of Disease, Vol:127, ISSN:0969-9961, Pages:65-75

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