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I am a Lecturer in the Fluid Mechanics section in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College London.


I studied physics at the University of Trieste (BE and MS degrees) and obtained a PhD in mechanical engineering at the University of Cottbus-Senftenberg in 2019.

Before joining Imperial College as a research associate in 2021, I did a postdoc at the LEGI laboratory in Grenoble investigating wave turbulence within the Simons collaboration research group.


The focus of my research has been on different applications of thermal and fluid dynamics, including geophysical flows, stratified turbulence, mixing, and energy optimisation in buildings. I combine the skills I have acquired working in geophysical fluid dynamics to develop innovative data assimilation methods that improve building management and ultimately find solutions to optimise energy consumption and improve building sustainability.

The unifying theme of my PhD and past postdoctoral research has been the investigation of stratified rotating flows with laboratory experiments. The focus of my work has been on gravity waves, which can be found ubiquitously in the ocean and atmosphere and represent the unresolved dynamics in climate models, resulting in one of the main sources of uncertainties.

Student opportunities

I am starting my research group in the fluid mechanics section. If you are interested in a graduate or postgraduate project in my research area please contact me.

I have an open PhD position for a home student for a project on fluid mechanics for the built environment. Please contact me if you want to apply for it.



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