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Clinical Reader in Renal Pathology



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Consultant Renal and Transplant Pathologist since 2007 (50% FTE)

Clinical Senior Lecturer Imperial College since 2018 (50% FTE)

Sub-specialty Lead for Renal and Electron Microscopy, North West London Pathology (Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust)

Sub-specialty lead for Renal and Transplant Pathology, Royal College of Pathologists (2020-2025)


I carry out translational research in the fields of renal and transplant pathology. 

My aim is to translate advances in tissue imaging and molecular analysis to the clinic.  I investigate how and when these advances are best applied to kidney disease for patient and societal benefit. 

I am a clinical trials pathologist and support clinical trials into kidney and transplant disease.


Established: renal and transplant pathology; gene expression analysis in diagnostic tissue samples; electron microscopy

Developing: advanced imaging including super-resolution microscopy (with Prof Paul French) and advanced ultrastructural techniques (with Dr Lucy Collinson); digital pathology and machine learning (with Dr Bernhard Kainz)


I co-lead with Dr Michelle Willicombe the Transplantation subtheme of the Imperial College BRC Immunology theme 2017-2022: “Improving the prevention and diagnosis of antibody-mediated (ABMR) rejection in kidney transplantation” 

Grant-funded research into tissue tropism of COVID-19

SARS-Cov2 infected Vero cell (collaboration with Prof Barclay lab)

SARS-Cov2 infected Vero cell (collaboration with Prof Barclay lab)

North West London Pathology (NWLP) Research Co- ordination Funding Grant, “Development of a COVID‐19 Tissue‐Based Research Hub in North West  London Pathology”

Imperial College COVID-19 Research Grant, “Histological and Molecular Analysis of Tissues From COVID-19 Patients: Unravelling the Contribution of Viral Tissue Tropism vs Immuno- and Vascular Pathology in Severe Cases of COVID-19.”

Grant-funded research into transplant rejection

NIHR EME Mechanism of Action of Health Interventions, 2020-2028 “Mechanistic Evaluation of Treatments for Acute Antibody-Mediated Rejection of the Kidney Transplant (M.O.T.-AMR)”

Auchi-funded PhD studentships: “The Role of Spleen Tyrosine Kinase in Renal Allograft Rejection” (Dr Candice Clarke), “Novel biomarkers in antibody-mediated rejection of the transplanted kidney” (Dr Jack Beadle)

Novel imaging of kidney disease

STORM image of membranous glomerulonephritis

STORM image of membranous glomerulonephritis

Imperial Confidence in Concept (ICiC): Novel, low-cost instrumentation for clinical histopathology of kidney disease [PI Paul French Photonics Group, Physics Department]


Turner-Stokes T, Garcia Diaz A, Pinheiro D, Prendecki M, McAdoo SP, Roufosse C, Cook HT, Pusey CD, Woollard KJ. Live Imaging of Monocyte Subsets in Immune Complex-Mediated Glomerulonephritis Reveals Distinct Phenotypes and Effector Functions. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2020. 

Toulza F, Dominy K, Cook T, Galliford J, Beadle J, McLean A, Roufosse C. Technical considerations when designing a gene expression panel for renal transplant diagnosis. Sci Rep. 2020;10(1):17909. 

Roufosse C, Drachenberg C, Renaudin K, Willicombe M, Toulza F, Dominy K, McLean A, Simmonds N, de Kort H, Cantarovitch D, Scalea J, Mengel M, Adam B. Molecular assessment of antibody-mediated rejection in human pancreas allograft biopsies. Clin Transplant. 2020:e14065.

Roufosse C, Curtis E, Moran L, Hollinshead M, Cook T, Hanley B, Horsfield C, Neil D. Electron microscopic investigations in COVID-19: not all crowns are coronas. Kidney Int. 2020;98(2):505-6.

Neil D, Moran L, Horsfield C, Curtis E, Swann O, Barclay W, Hanley B, Hollinshead M, Roufosse C. Ultrastructure of Cell Trafficking Pathways and Coronavirus: How to Recognise the Wolf Amongst the Sheep. J Pathol. 2020. 


Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Haas M, Loupy A, Lefaucheur C, et al., 2018, The Banff 2017 Kidney Meeting Report: Revised diagnostic criteria for chronic active T cell-mediated rejection, antibody-mediated rejection, and prospects for integrative endpoints for next-generation clinical trials, American Journal of Transplantation, Vol:18, ISSN:1600-6135, Pages:293-307

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