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Dr Rowlands' research focusses on biophotonic instrumentation: making new types of optical systems that can image faster, deeper into tissue, in more colours, over larger areas, and with higher resolution. He has a broad background in different techniques, including multiphoton, super-resolution, Raman, confocal, light-sheet and fluorescence lifetime instrumentation, and is interested in developing novel designs, as well as improving the design of existing instruments in order to make them more usable for collborators. His research also extends to algorithm development and software engineering; much of this work is open-source, and can be downloaded from the group website.

Dr Rowlands studied Chemistry at Imperial College London before embarking on a PhD in the physics and chemistry of amorphous materials in the group of Prof. Stephen Elliott at the University of Cambridge. After a year spent developing a combined Raman and fluorescence microscope for intra-operative tumour diagnosis as a postdoc in the lab of Prof. Ioan Notingher at the University of Nottingham, Dr Rowlands was awarded an MIT Postdoctoral Research Fellowship to study the use of temporal focusing microscopy in photodynamic therapy at MIT, in the lab of Prof. Peter So. After five years, he returned to the UK and spent a year in Prof. Clemens Kaminski's lab at the University of Cambridge, before joining the Department of Bioengineering in September 2017.



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