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Dr. Schwingshackl is a Reader in the Dynamics Group. His main research interest is structural dynamics of aircraft engines, with a special focus on the nonlinear contact interface behaviour. The main aim of his work is to gain a better understanding of the nonlinear frequency response of assembled structures to allow a reliable stress and fatigue analysis of the components. His work includes new procedures to predict the nonlinear damping behaviour of assembled structures, the investigation of gas turbine specific nonlinear dynamic problems, and experimental research for the validation of the nonlinear models and the measurement of friction input parameters for the analysis. Further research interests include the development of advanced vibration measurement techniques.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Schwingshackl CW, Petrov EP, Ewins DJ, 2012, Measured and estimated friction interface parameters in a nonlinear dynamic analysis, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, Vol:28, ISSN:0888-3270, Pages:574-584

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