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Dr Tighe has had a diverse career, spanning 20 years in both academic and contract R&D, and the process industries. The theme running through his research is industrial systems at high pressure, which have a significant part to play in the process and power industries, and beyond. Dr Tighe teaches Safety & Loss Prevention, an important subject, which also underpins his research.

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High Pressure Industrial Systems

The High Pressure Industrial Systems research group addresses challenges related to chemistry, scale-up and engineering materials in industrial processes at high pressure (typically up to 2000 atmospheres and usually at elevated temperature) by conducting detailed fundamental experiments and employing computational methods where appropriate to yield deeper insights.

Open PhD and post-doctoral positions

- PhDs: Enquiries about Doctoral Training Platform (DTP) studentships starting October 2023 are welcome. Please first check recently updated UKRI eligibility requirements here and Imperial academic requirements here.

- Post-docs: no positions currently advertised.

I am always very open to discussing hosting PhD and post-doctoral scholarship/fellowship candidates e.g. Imperial President's PhD scholarships, Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions,1851 research fellowships, Royal Society fellowships, CSC scholarships, industrially-funded scholarships etc.

Curriculum Vitae

Date Role
2019 - Senior Lecturer
2014 - 2019 Lecturer, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College
2012 - 2014  Senior Project Leader, TWI, Cambridge 
2008 - 2012  Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Dept. of Chemistry, UCL 
2004 - 2008  PhD, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge 
2000 - 2004  Chemical Engineer, BP 
1998 - 1999  Student Chemical Engineer, Texaco 
1996 - 2000  MEng (Hons), Dept. of Chemical Engineering, UMIST



Wang S, Panayides J-L, Riley D, et al., 2021, Rapid formation of 2-lithio-1-(triphenylmethyl)imidazole and substitution reactions in flow, Reaction Chemistry and Engineering, Vol:6, ISSN:2058-9883, Pages:2018-2023

Tighe CJ, Maraj MP, Richardson SM, 2021, Sharing good practice in process safety teaching, Education for Chemical Engineers, Vol:36, ISSN:1749-7728, Pages:73-81

Ashley AE, Fuchter MJ, Tighe C, et al., 2018, Direct reductive amination of carbonyl compounds catalyzed by a moisture tolerant Tin (IV) Lewis acid, Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis, Vol:360, ISSN:1615-4150, Pages:1066-1071


Efika EC, Contreras Quintanilla C, Torin Ollarves GA, et al., High-Pressure High-Temperature Phase Equilibria of Crude Oil + CO2, Petrophase 2017

Contreras Quintanilla C, Efika EC, Torin Ollarves GA, et al., Experimental and Modelling study of the HPHT Phase Equilibria of crude oil, 29th European Symposium on Applied Thermodynamics (ESAT 2017)

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