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 We are entering a new era of technology inspired by lifestyle and healthcare.  The human body will  be the next application area for technology and, under the research theme of bionics, we are applying the techniques and understanding of engineering to applications which will improve human health. 

We are developing low power electronics, in collaboration with researchers in  nanotechnology systems, biological and materials science, to enable us to better understand and manipulate the interactions between biology and man made materials. 

Projects, most in collaboration with colleagues in the Faculty of Medicine include:

Intelligent sensors for monitoring stem cell cultures

Tele-diagnostics for remote health management - we are developing new sensors which will significantly benefit the care of patients after surgery and those who are chronically ill.  The sensor networks would permit early discharge of patients with continuous monitoring remotely as they continue their daily life and well being.  The research is predominantly geared towards personalised healthcare. 

Cochlear / retinal implants - we are developing a functional retinal prosthesis to restore vision via photonic photo stimulation of light sensitised retinal ganglion cells.

Sensor arrays with on-chip signal processing

Real-time DNA sequencing and SNP technologies for predisposition to disease and adverse effects of drugs.

Ultra low power circuits and systems - we are using developments in electroencephalography (EEG) to provide new therapies for neural disorders.

Guest Lectures

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