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I am a Lecturer (US Assistant Professor) in the Computational Optimisation Group (COG) within the Department of Computing, supported by an EPSRC David Clarke Fellowship. My research interests are in the areas of optimisation algorithms, process dynamics/control, optimisation for machine learning, and process systems engineering.

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Date Role

2022 - Present

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Computing, Imperial College
2020 - Present EPSRC David Clarke Fellow, Imperial College
2020 - 2022 Imperial College Research Fellow, Imperial College
2020 PhD, University of Texas at Austin
2015 BS/BA, Rice University

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Caspari A, Tsay C, Mhamdi A, et al., 2020, The integration of scheduling and control: Top-down vs. bottom-up, Journal of Process Control, Vol:91, ISSN:0959-1524, Pages:50-62

Tsay C, Baldea M, 2020, Integrating production scheduling and process control using latent variable dynamic models, Control Engineering Practice, Vol:94, ISSN:0967-0661

Tsay C, Kumar A, Flores-Cerrillo J, et al., 2019, Optimal demand response scheduling of an industrial air separation unit using data-driven dynamic models, Computers & Chemical Engineering, Vol:126, ISSN:0098-1354, Pages:22-34

Tsay C, Pattison RC, Baldea M, 2018, A pseudoÔÇÉtransient optimization framework for periodic processes: Pressure swing adsorption and simulated moving bed chromatography, AICHE Journal, Vol:64, ISSN:0001-1541, Pages:2982-2996

Tsay C, Pattison RC, Piana MR, et al., 2018, A survey of optimal process design capabilities and practices in the chemical and petrochemical industries, Computers & Chemical Engineering, Vol:112, ISSN:0098-1354, Pages:180-189

More Publications