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Christina was awarded a British Heart Foundation Intermediate (Basic Science) Research Fellowship in 2016 to investigate the role of β-catenin in the regulation of mechanical signalling in the endothelium. Christina’s research interests are in the initiation and development of cardiovascular disease, in particular the cellular signalling mechanisms that define the spatial localisation of atherosclerosis.

Christina obtained a first class honours degree in Medical Biochemistry from the University of Leicester before completing a PhD in Vascular Physiology in the Cardiovascular Division at King’s College London. In 2006 Christina began her postdoctoral research in the Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College London under the guidance of Professor Peter Weinberg investigating the effects of physiological chronic shear stress on endothelial cell permeability. In 2010 Christina moved to the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College to work for Professor Paul Evans on a multi-disciplinary British Heart Foundation-funded project looking at the effects of flow and shear stress on endothelial apoptosis and senescence. In 2012 Christina returned to the to the Cardiovascular Division at King's College London to take up a research post with Professor Albert Ferro. This British Heart Foundation funded project identified a novel interaction between eNOS and β-catenin in endothelial cells and provided the first evidence for cross-talk between these two key regulatory pathways in vascular cells.  Christina was recently awarded a BHF project grant along with Professor Ferro to supervise a postdoctoral researcher to continue these studies and determine the importance of this interaction in endothelial cell survival.

During her postdoctoral studies Christina supervised several MRes, MSc and PhD students and has been actively involved in the day to day running of research facilities and numerous departmental and early career researcher committees. Christina has extensive teaching experience and before beginning her Research Fellowship worked as Teaching Fellow in Physiology within the Department of Bioscience Education at King’s College London.

More information on Christina’s research programme and publications can be found at the tabs above. A list of Christina’s publications can be also found on Google Scholar



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