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Dr. Carl Desouza is a post doctoral research associate at the Centre for Low Emission Construction (CLEC), which is part of the Aerosol Science Team, in the Environmental Research Group. Research includes measurements of real-world emissions from machines used in the construction sector, development of emission inventories, and potential government policies. Carl's research aims to raise awareness of the impact of dust and emissions on local air quality & health across the construction industry, by conducting real-world emissions and worker exposure measurements across active construction sites. Focusing on decarbonisaition by promoting the uptake of mitigation and emerging technologies, Carl's research helps the construction sector to transition towards a NetZero future, in conjunction with central government policy teams in the UK.

Research Interests:

  • Decarbonisation of the construction sector
  • Measuring tail-pipe emissions from non-road mobile machinery (NRMM)
  • Developing spatial and fleet dis-aggregated emissions inventories
  • Testing potential emission abatement policies

Current projects:

  • Clean Air Gas Engine funded by Department of Energy Security and Net Zero
  • Hydrogen combustion, multi-gas engines, dual-fuel technology
  • HS2 - decarbonisation and air quality
  • Construction Leadership Council - diesel free sites
  • Construction site dust monitoring and mitigation



Desouza CD, Marsh DJ, Beevers SD, et al., 2021, A spatial and fleet disaggregated approach to calculating the NOX emissions inventory for non-road mobile machinery in London, Atmospheric Environment: X, Vol:12, ISSN:2590-1621, Pages:1-8

Desouza CD, Marsh DJ, Beevers SD, et al., 2020, Real-world emissions from non-road mobile machinery in London, Atmospheric Environment, Vol:223, ISSN:1352-2310

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