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Research Conferences and Publications:

De Wilde, J.P., Hargreaves, C.E., Ritchie, B. and Lane L.G. (2019) The connected researcher -building research communities from local to global. International Conference on Continuing Doctoral Education and Training, Dublin April 2019.

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Hargreaves, C.E. (2015) Advancing the support and development of doctoral researchers’ professional trajectories Queen Mary University of London Centre for Academic and Professional Development Academic Progressions Seminar

Hargreaves, C.E. (2014) Doctoral alumni views in hindsight: learning through uncertainty, identifying opportunities 'if I could go back and do it now'. UK Society for Research into Higher Education Annual Conference, Newport

Hargreaves, C.E. (2014) Doctoral alumni views connecting opportunities, overcoming uncertainty.  UK Council for Graduate Education, International Annual Conference, Dublin 

Walsh E, Hargreaves CE, Hillemann-Delaney U, et al., 2014, Doctoral researchers' views on entrepreneurship: ranging from 'a responsibility to improve the future' to a 'dirty word', Studies in Higher Education

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Hargreaves, C.E. and Walsh, E (2012) Entrepreneurship and Employability: a Comparison of Doctoral Students’ Perceptions in China and the UK Quality in Postgraduate Research Conference, Adelaide, Australia

Hargreaves, C.E. (2011) Employability and Entrepreneurship: British and Chinese views VITAE annual Conference, Manchester

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Hargreaves, C.E. Gregory, P.J and Bengough, G. (2009) Measuring root traits in barley (Hordeum vulgare ssp. vulgare and ssp.spontaneum) seedlings using gel chambers, soil sacs and X-ray microtomography. Plant Soil  316:285-297