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Ceri Hammond is a Royal Society University Research Fellow, and heads the Hammond Lab at the Department of Chemical Engineering, where he holds a post as Senior Lecturer. His group currently consists of 1 PI, 2 PDRA, 7 PhD students and several undergraduate students (MSc/BSc/Erasmus).

His research group specialises in several aspects of catalysis and bio-medical engineering, details of which can be found here. These activities have been supported by funding from The Royal Society, The Leverhulme Trust, the RSC, EPSRC and various industrial sponsors.

Ceri obtained his PhD under the guidance of Prof. Graham J. Hutchings FRS at the Cardiff Catalysis Institute. Following periods at ETH Z├╝rich and Stanford University, he began his independent career at Cardiff University, following the award of a Royal Society University Research Fellowship. In 2019, he was offered a tenured post at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London, where he and his group have been based since 2020. 


     *We are currently recruiting!*

We are currently seeking < 3 candidates to undertake PhD research in the area of catalysis in our lab, with expected start dates of October 2022.

Projects in a variety of areas of catalytic science are available, including biomass conversion, (electro)catalytic conversion of C1 feedstock, machine learning & process intensification.

If you are a motivated student with a strong background in the physical sciences or engineering, then check out the links below. Positions for candidates of all nationalities are available, and the application deadline is 31st January 2022.





Royal Society URF and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London


Royal Society URF at the

Cardiff Catalysis Institute


RSC Mobility Fellow at the Department of Chemistry, Stanford University (Prof. E. I. Solomon)


Post-doctoral research fellow at the Department of Chemical and Bio-engineering, ETH Zurich (Prof. I. Hermans)


Awarded PhD from Cardiff University (advisor: Prof. G. J. Hutchings CBE FRS)

Major awards and honours

  • 2021  Awarded Harrison-Meldola Memorial Award from The Royal Society of Chemistry. 
  • 2020  Appointed to Faculty of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London
  • 2018  Appointed to the Early Career Advisory Board of ACS Catalysis
  • 2017  Emerging Investigator award by the RSC journal, Green Chemistry
  • 2015 Awarded Irvine Review Lectureship at the University of St. Andrews
  • 2015 Awarded a University Research Fellowship by The Royal Society
  • 2013  Awarded the 'Best European PhD Thesis Prize' by the European Federation of Catalysis Societies



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Navar R, Tarantino G, Beynon OT, et al., 2022, Tracking the solid-state incorporation of Sn into the framework of dealuminated zeolite beta, and consequences for catalyst design, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Vol:10, ISSN:2050-7488, Pages:22025-22041

Botti L, Navar R, Tolborg S, et al., 2022, High-Productivity Continuous Conversion of Glucose to α-Hydroxy Esters over Postsynthetic and Hydrothermal Sn-Beta Catalysts, Acs Sustainable Chemistry &amp; Engineering, Vol:10, ISSN:2168-0485, Pages:4391-4403

Bartholomeeusen E, De Cremer G, Kennes K, et al., 2021, Optical encoding of luminescent carbon nanodots in confined spaces, Chemical Communications, Vol:57, ISSN:1359-7345, Pages:11952-11955

Botti L, Meier S, Hammond C, 2021, Mechanistic Studies of Continuous Glucose Upgrading over Lewis Acidic Silicates by <i>Operando</i> UV-Vis and HSQC NMR, Acs Catalysis, Vol:11, ISSN:2155-5435, Pages:1296-1308

More Publications