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I am a Sir Henry Wellcome Research Fellow in mathematical modelling and infectious disease epidemiology at the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis, where my research centres around mathematical modelling of infectious disease transmission, with a focus on the detectability, dynamics and control of pathogens with pandemic potential. You can find out more about my research on my personal website.

Previously, I was PhD student in the department where I worked on the seasonality of malaria transmission dynamics with Prof Azra Ghani, Prof Samir Bhatt and Dr Peter Winskill, as well as various other disease systems that to date have loiasis, ebola and COVID-19. Broader research interests include include disease ecology, the dynamics of emerging infectious diseases, surveillance system design and mitigating globally catastrophic biological risks.

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Whittaker C, Watson O, Alvarez-Moreno C, et al., 2022, Understanding the Potential Impact of Different Drug Properties On SARS-CoV-2 Transmission and Disease Burden: A Modelling Analysis, Clinical Infectious Diseases, Vol:75, ISSN:1058-4838, Pages:e224-e233

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