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Moray Campbell, Ohio State University, Nuclear receptor cofactors in prostate cancer, 2019

Dr Ralf Zwack and Dr Greg Brooke, University of Essex, MSC-mediated delivery of TRAIL for the treatment of prostate cancer, 2018 - 2021

Prof Mark Emberton, Dr Gert Attard, University College London, Movember/Prostate Cancer UK Centre of Excellence in Prostate cancer Research, 2013

Tapio Visakorpi, University of Tampere, MicroRNAs in prostate cancer and androgen signalling, 2012

Prof Johann de Bono and prof Ros Eles, Institute of Cancer Research, Movember/Prostate Cancer UK Centre of Excellence in Prostate cancer Research, 2011

Eva Estebanez Perpina, Institut de Biomedicina-Universitat de Barcelona (IBUB), Structural aspects of androgen receptor signalling, 2011

Prof Paul Rennie, Vancouver Prostate Cancer Centre, 2011

Dr Amanda Swain, Institute of Cancer Research, Models for prostate cancer, 2010

Craig Robson and Luke Gaughan, Northern Institute for Cancer Research, University of Newcastle, Prostate cancer biomarkers and new therapeutic targets, 2010

Dr Ian Mills, University of Oxford, Non-coding RNAs in prostate cancer. Genomic responses to androgen receptor activation, 2009

Prof. Frank Claessens, University of Leuven

Borja Belandia, Instituto de Investigaciones Biomedicas, Madrid

Prof. A. O. Brinkmann, Erasmus University, Rotterdam

Guest Lectures

New approaches to inhibit androgen signalling in prostate cancer, Prostate Cancer - From Bench to the Clinic, Oslo, Norway, 2015

New approaches to inhibiting androgen signalling in prostate cancer, ENDO 2014, Chicago, USA, 2014

New approaches to inhibit the androgen receptor pathway in prostate cancer, French Association for Prostate Cancer Research, Annual Scientific Meeting, Paris, 2013

Androgen signalling in prostate cancer and beyond, Queen's University, Belfast, 2013

Androgens: what they do and how to stop them, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, 2013

Inhibiting androgen receptor function in prostate cancer, European Association of Urology Annual Meeting, Strasbourg, 2012

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Research Student Supervision

Allen,M, Hydrogel responsive vesicles for drug delivery

Brooke,G, Androgen receptor variants in prostate cancer progression

Broomfield,J, Development of a Lab-on-Chip System for Detection and Quantification of Circulating mRNA in Prostate Cancer using Isothermal Amplification Methods

Chotai,D, The role of Prohibitin in Androgen Signalling and Prostate Cancer

Constantin,T, Transcriptional inhibition in prostate cancer therapy

Culley,R, The role of the RNA-binding protein FUS in androgen signalling

Eringyte,I, Systematic Identification of MicroRNA Drivers of Resistance to Novel Therapeutics in Advanced Prostate Cancer – Exploitation as Stratification Biomarkers and Drug Targets

Fioretti,F, Therapeutic repressors of androgen receptor

Fletcher,C, Interactions of Prohibitin and MicroRNA27a in the Androgen Signalling Pathway

Garcao-Nunes,J, Investigating the role of sphingosine kinase 1 pathway in cancer cell-monocyte interactions

Gatehouse,A, Cell free DNA size analysis using engineered hydrogel nanopore sensors: a non-invasive diagnostic tool for cancer

Hindley,J, Development of phospholipase- and uv-responsive vesicles for applications in drug delivery and synthetic biology

Jaffer,T, The Effects of Anaesthetics on Ovarian Cancer Malignancy

Jarvis,S, Study of metabolic nuclear receptors in testis

Kalofonou,F, Characterisation of AR-modulatory microRNAs in Prostate Cancer

Mazor,M, Characterisation of the Wnt signalling component in prostate cancer cells

Metcalf,G, Fluorogenic Peptide Nucleic Acid probes for the detection of circulating microRNA: applications to cancer diagnosis

Querol Cano,L, The role of the co-chaperone p23 in Androgen Receptor activity and Prostate cancer

Rana,S, Systematic analysis of prognostic and predictive miRNA-mRNA networks in Prostate Cancer

Reebye,V, Identification and characterisation of androgen rector-associated cytoplasmic proteins

Shibakawa,A, Investigating circulating miRNAs as predictors of therapeutic response in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer

Sita-Lumsden,A, The role of Prohibitin and miR-27a in prostate cancer progression and therapy response

Tam,J, Exosomal communication linking obesity and prostate cancer

Teahan,O, A Metabonomic Approach to Biomarker Discovery in Prostate Cancer

Thomas,P-M, Circulating nucleic acids in prostate cancer

Whitaker,H, Androgen receptor-interacting proteins in prostate cancer

Zamarbide,J, Identification of MicroRNAs that Alter Cell Death in Treatment-Resistant and –Responsive Breast Cancer